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    On March 3, 1978, in the only hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I was born into this world kicking and screaming, and my parents often remind me that I haven't changed much since. I choose to take that as a compliment. My kicking and screaming isn't a vulgar retaliation against the injustices of this world that have caused me great suffering and misfortune, for I've lived a truly blessed life. Wonderful parents, wonderful siblings, wonderful friends. I even had a wonderful dog once, but he ran away. And I've had my fair share of wonderful experiences. My kicking and screaming is a celebration of life, a manifestation of the joy I feel for being alive. It's a manic urge to express myself through a number of mediums in loud, bright colors that say "Thank you God for blessing me with so much!" Not to say that I don't paint gloomier themes in darker colors sometimes, as manic urges are just one part of an alternating cycle of highs and lows. I'm sure a graph of my life would alternate erratically back and forth across that central axis that represents "normality", but I can say truthfully that I'm happy the curves of my life have never become lines, especially ones that rest flat on that central axis. I plan to go on kicking and screaming when I can, and when I can't, in those periods of self-reflection and soul-searching that I sometimes desperately crave, I hope to learn how to kick harder and scream louder. Not to lash out, but to be heard. Not to hurt, but to help. To change. And to create.

    That's my deepest desire, my one true driving energy. To create. And a tortuous, sometimes agonizing path it has been to discovering how best to create. It's a path I'll most likely spend my entire life stumbling down, discovering new outlets for my creative urges as I go. I see a lot of Vincent van Gogh in me. Not that I'll ever have his talent (although he'd be the first to argue that talent can be a very subjective thing), or necessarily find that one medium of expression to so faithfully, and painfully, pursue, but I feel that same feverish drive to create at times, and I've seen how it can lead me to both great joy and misery, often simultaneously. And to think I was once an aspiring engineer. Oh, the roads we travel in life. Never knowing the way because we never know the final destination.

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2005 EWC Olympics Soccer Competition

Posted on 03/22/2005

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I recently served as coordinator/referee for the soccer competition portion of the newly revived East-West Center Olympics. This is basically a recap of how things went down (in the form of e-mails I sent to the EWC listserv about the competition), with only slight embellishment for effect. Day 1 Hello fellow footballers, The football/soccer tournament will take place tomorrow. It will begin at 2 PM, and it will go until everyone is passed out on the ground from exhaustion. Or […]

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Manila 2000

Posted on 11/20/2000

Categories: Asia, Sports, Travel

This is the weekend report I wrote for the activities of the Taipei Animals soccer team on and off the field at the 2000 Millennium 6-a-Side International Football Tournament in Manila. You can see the full website I created for the event (complete with risqué pictures) here. On Friday, November 17, 2000, a group of very brave men gathered early in the morning at Taipei International Airport, leaving behind girlfriends, wives, and children (for good reason!) and their beloved jobs […]

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